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Clinical studies demonstrate that less than ten percent of patients diagnosed with cancer have cancer genes. What is more influential on the development or control of mutated genes are epigenetic Epigenetics are nongenetic influences on gene expression such as diet and lifestyle.

The understanding of epigenetics is empowering. You cannot determine what genes you have inherited, but you can influence their expressions through epigenetics. For example, smoking cessation and diminishing the consumption of sugar will epigenetically help inhibit the mutation of healthy genes to oncogenes. By improving our habits, we can epigenetically reprogram genes to work for us with the added advantage that we will bestow upon our next generation a better epigenome.

At Oasis of Hope, we influence gene mutation and suppress tumor growth by decreasing blood levels of certain pro-growth hormones, such as insulin, free IGF-I, and free estrogen. We do this through our lifestyle program that stresses a low fat, whole food vegan or quasi-vegan diet, a movement and breathing training, brisk walking and a reduction of excess body fat.

Our nutritional program is especially beneficial as studies show that adopting a whole food plant-based diet low in fatty animal products helps fight cancer. This diet includes an ample intake of fruits and cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. It also includes vegetables rich in alliums such as garlic and onions. Maintaining leanness and good insulin sensitivity with regular exercise and smart eating habits is key.

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