Oasis FAQ’s

The Place for Alternative Cancer Treatment

Yes, Please fill out a Medical Questionnaire, and Dr. Contreras will generate a personalized treatment plan for you utilizing the Contreras Metabolic Integrative Therapy (CMIT).

Oasis of Hope is located in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. The Hospital is 30 minutes driving time from the San Diego airport. See map here.

Absolutely! Part of the philosophy at Oasis of Hope Hospital is that your companion plays a crucial role in your treatment. Bringing a companion is essential; he or she will provide indispensable moral and emotional support. For this reason, you can bring one companion free of charge. Meals for your companion are included, and he or she will stay in your private room.

Please see Our Doctors to get a list of physician names, certifications, education, specializations and biographies.

At Oasis of Hope we only serve organic food grown locally in the Baja California region of Mexico. Bottled water is only served at the hospital.

It is uncommon when we cannot provide accommodations to our guests for either treatment or hospital visits. You will be informed by the admissions department if there is a waiting list.

Although medical records are always helpful, they are not necessary. However, in order to provide you with the best cancer treatment, the more information we have about your medical history the better.

Oasis of hope has 60 patient rooms. All patient rooms are individual and have 1 companion bed. View photo here.

Oasis of Hope treatments are personalized in line with the particular needs of the patient. The length of the initial treatments lasts around 24 days over a 3 month period. Then initial treatment is followed by a follow-up program where the Oasis of Hope hospital will support you during and after your initial treatment for 5 years at no additional cost.

The food you will find at Oasis of Hope is intended to provide complete nutrition and to maximize your chances for a long and healthy life. The menu choices are designed to aid prevention and control cancer. We provide food that is:

  • Low in animal protein (Quasi-vegetarian)
  • Low in fat
  • Low in glycemic Index

Menu Items at Oasis of Hope: Whole grains, variety of beans, organic fruits and vegetables, fruit juices, nuts, low-sodium soups, low-fat salads, minimal use of added salts or oils.

Oasis of Hope Hospital has receives around 45 to 60 patients a month.

Yes. Oasis of Hope is located in the beach area of Tijuana. Many tourists come this area.

Unfortunately, there is no single cancer or “silver bullet” that will single handedly rid the world of this terrible disease. Cancer presents an array of variations and complication which can only be controlled with a multi-disciplined approach to treating cancer. At Oasis of Hope, our goal is to provide you with information that will empower you to make choices that will help you overcome cancer.

Please speak to one of our health advisors, oncologist, or registered nurses in order to asses if having any form of treatment prior to your visit to the Oasis of Hope would be beneficial.

Oasis of Hope Hospital offers an integrative cancer treatment specially made so patients do not have to suffer from chemotherapy side effects as they do when they take conventional cancer treatments. The key goal of the CMIT is to increase the efficacy of chemotherapy and radiation through the use of nutraceuticals and tumor oxygenation strategies.

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