Targeted Cancer Therapies
at Oasis of Hope

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For decades at Oasis of Hope we’ve been profiling our patients’ malignancies in relation to their immune system’s quality. Based on this, we’ve tailored their therapies to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual resources to fight their cancers.

We’re eager and willing to apply innovative technologies to improve individual and collective outcomes, but we’re more interested in designing more effective therapies than in rehashing ineffective and toxic drugs in newer settings.

For this reason we always are reviewing the medical literature for new findings and seeking better ways to make them practical to today’s cancer challenges.

Can doctors target cancer cells? Yes. Researchers are investing vast resources in search of genes for this purpose.

Targeted Cancer Therapies

  • Epegentic Therapies

  • Angiogenesis Inhibitors

  • Apoptosis-Inducing

  • Signal Transduction

Targeted Cancer Therapies FAQ’s

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